I’m not going to lie, when I first started using affirmations I was skeptical.  But over time they have made a huge difference in my life and businesses.  In fact, I would go as far as to say that using affirmations for attracting customers has been one of the best decisions and actions I’ve ever taken for my business. 

Now,  If you’re new to using affirmations, I’m just going to remind you briefly of what they are.  

Affirmations are positive statements that reflect your end goal, spoken as if they are true NOW.
At first it can feel silly to use affirmations, especially if you’re a business professional who is used to working numbers and looking at data.  But the great thing about affirmations is that we KNOW that they work. Science and brain studies have shown that the mind can use affirmations in order to rewrite our subconscious thinking patterns.  

And if you’re a believer in the Universe, vibrations and/or chakras being elemental to assisting in affirmations, then you probably know that many theorize that putting out into the world can help send the right energy to the right people.  If you don’t believe in this, that’s okay too.  You can still use affirmations in order to change subconscious beliefs and get yourself ready to start attracting more of the right clients. 

How To Pick The Right Affirmations: 

One thing I’m going to challenge you to do when you’re trying to pick the right affirmations is to think of all the negative things you tend to say and then switch it to a positive here and now statement. 

For example: If you tend to think “Getting customers is hard”, you can rewrite this into 

“I’m attracting new customers each day”. 

The key though is to have believable affirmations. If they feel too far off and like you’re lying to yourself they aren’t likely to work because you don’t even believe them. 

So maybe if you feel like attracting new customers each day is a lie, a better affirmation to start would be something like

 “It is so easy for me to market my business because I listen to what my customers want and I offer it to them.”

See how it stays positive and yet also stays away from statements that you feel uncomfortable about. 

You may need to tweak affirmations to fit your situation and mindset.  Remember that you want your affirmations to be positive and feel positive.  If you feel like your affirmation is a lie, shift to something else that is still positive! 

My Favorite Affirmations For Attracting Customers

  1. My client list is filled and overflowing
  2. My customers love me because I listen to them.
  3. I am attracting new customers every day. 
  4. I attract new clients
  5. I attract my ideal customers 
  6. I am guided every day to where my ideal clients are.
  7. My clients are wealth conscious
  8. I retain my customers for many years.
  9. I have more customers than I need
  10. My ideal customers are actively searching for me and are ready to make a purchase.
  11. Sales come easily to me. 
  12. I attract sales with ease. 
  13. My clients share their prosperity with me. 
  14. My business draws my ideal clients to me. 
  15. My business is a magnet for those seeking my services. 
  16. I attract clients who are eager to pay me. 
  17. I am a successful entrepreneur
  18. My customers find me like bees find flowers.
  19. My customers support the life I love, and I support my customers. 
  20. I know my ideal customers, I find them easily, and I love working for them as they love  working with me. 
  21. My customers are powerfully magnetized to my business. 
  22. My business is easy to market because I listen and delivery what my ideal customers want. 
  23. My customers know who I am and what I can do to help them. 
  24. My customers are hungry to work with me. 
  25. I am open to more business.
  26. I am receptive to new business ventures. 
  27. My customers are easy to work with and love my products. 
  28. My customers love spending money in my shop. 
  29. My customers are happy and likely to return again and again. 
  30. I contribute to the happiness of others and that makes me happy. 
  31. My success is because of my dedicated customers because I satisfy their needs. 
  32. New customers constantly and abundantly flow to me.
  33. My business is successful
  34. Bringing in new clients is natural for me. 
  35. New clients come easily to me. 
  36. I am smart and successful.
  37. I am so grateful for every new customer.
5 Steps To Manifest Abundance

5 Steps To Manifest Abundance



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