Today I want to share with you the best books about manifestation on the market.  These are the ones that changed my life and took me from  working as a waitress to owning three successful business, making passive income and traveling the world.

The Best Books About Manifestation


When I have free time you can bet you’ll catch me reading.  In fact, I spend most of my free time reading. And for the last 5 years I’ve focused a lot of that reading on the topic of manifestation.  In my opinion there is nothing better than a good book on the Law of Attraction that can quickly be put into practice! The kind of book that gets you excited for life. The kind of book you wish you read years ago.  

The books featured below are some of my all-time favorites on the law of attraction and manifestation. I get excieted ever re-reading them now and I hope you do too! 

1. E-Squared

Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

I devoured this book. The experiments really help you see and take control of the power you have. Give them a try yourself and you’ll discover how we really do create our own realities. 

The book is also just easy to read and a fun and light hearted way to get into the law of attraction. It brings some of that child like wonder back into your life where you can think about how magical the earth it and feel like there are no limits in it. 

2. Infinite Possibilities

The Art Of Living Your Dreams

My to go book for re-reading, this is an inspriing look at how to achieve magic in you life.

If you’re really ready to explore how powerful you are, this is a fine place to start.  Covering topics about spiritual nature, how to be happy, and how to turn visulizations into reality, this is a manigesting bible. 

3.Neville Goddard

The Complete Reader

Every single book I mention has such a meaningful place, and this one is no exception.  It was for me, life-changing. 

It’s a a compliation of ten spiritual classes taught by Neville Goddard.  If you don’t know who Neville is, he is one of the pioneering voices for the ideas behind manifesting. 

An interesting thing Neville does is take Bible and show you how it’s a metaphore that teaches you how to use your mind to manifest. 

Neville’s books are the kind that you can read over and over and always learn something new.  His books are deeper and less “fun” to read, but very profound. 

4. The Map

To Our Responsive Universe – Where Dreams Really Do Come True!

Boni is great at focusing on explaining what holds each of us back in our dreams. Everything from self sabotaging behaviors to limiting beliefs and doubt are covered. 

Her book is so practical and I really discovered a lot of ways to work through my own self-set limits.  Her book helped me work through beliefs I’ve held onto for years. 

5. Wishes Fulfilled

Mastering the Art of Manifesting

Dr. Wayne Dyer is the author of this straight forward dive into manifesting. This is a really great and straightforward book for beginners and possibly my new favorite! If I were to tell any beginner to read just one book it would be this one! 

In the book you’ll learn all about the power of the subconcious mind and also the way Dr Dyer is able to train his subconsious for his own manifesting success. 

6. The Magic

One word changes everything…

When I read this book my spirit just soars.  It’s one of those books that makes you fall so in love with yourself and your life. This book talks a lot about being grateful and I’m grateful for that. Not only does it talk about it, but it gives you tasks to do for a month! That’s my kind of book. 

7. The Abundance Book

One word changes everything…

At $0.99 cents on Kindle this is a must read! It’s super short and easy read, but one of those books that can really help you move forward in manifesting more abundance. A bonus is that when you get the $0.99 cent kindle book you also get the audio version which is great for listening to while you’re busy cleaning or commuting!

I hope this list has been informative for you and your able to manifest your biggest dreams. 

5 Steps To Manifest Abundance

5 Steps To Manifest Abundance



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